It was not until long after the races had been divided, when a band of merfolk found their way to the arctic wastes, that Ishra sought to contain them. She met with the Merfolk tribe leaders, and warned them of a change coming to the land; that a drought would turn the land to desert. She guided them back to shore, and sure enough, the land came to be desert. Ishra then promised to protect them from threats from the sea as long as they stayed within their lands, and sure enough, the Merfolk were safe to settle and fish on the shores in their settlements.

However, with time these protections faltered and sharks and other large sea animals started encroaching on their lands, driving the Merfolk to shore. Eventually, Mursku sought to challenge the lands, and pushed through the desert. But there was no desert. Instead he found gnomes, which gave him a magic trident. He used this to fight off the sharks, but then took to the land in order to find more power. It is this power he used to fight Ishra for her crimes in containing their land.

Now, Merfolk remain again in their ancestral lands, but with more consolidated power now that their knowledge of magic has expanded. The current Merfolk civilization is entirely thanks to Mursku’s influence, and thus they honor her and her characteristics, with little regard for Ishra. Mursku praises duty, power, tactics, and vengeance, and she despises timidity and forgiveness.

They have slowly begun making their way farther into elvish lands, filling the rivers and lakes with their tribes. They are friendly to elves, gnomes, and halflings, cautiously optimistic of humans, and haven’t met dragons or dwarves.

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