History of the World

Originally, there was one omnipotent god. This god is known to the gnomes as The Ancient One, the elves as Isara, the humans as Ishta, the merfolk as Ishra, and the halfings, dragons, and dwarves as Isra. This god is known as the creator, and ruled over the species with order and separation. Humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, and merfolk were kept separate from other races, forced to live in their own locales. These locales were well suited for each of these races, and adventuring was virtually non-existent. This was reinforced by the harsh environments and terrain employed by The Ancient One, as well as the Goblins, Orcs, Giants, Centaurs, Beholders, and Celestials employed by The Ancient One to prevent travel. Gnomes were outright ignored, and deemed insignificant as a threat to peace.

However, many years ago, young dragons appeared on the western coast of the continent. This distracted The Ancient One, and while The Ancient Once could contain the dragons to their lands, many of the protections began to falter. The beasts previously under the employ of The Ancient One began to break into the lands of the races, forcing them to become inventive in finding ways to survive. Races grew frustrated with their insecurity, and began seeking other ways to ensure their livelihoods.

Meanwhile, technology had began to grow stronger, and gnomes, as technology brokers had begun to find ways to bring the races out from their ancestral homes. Adventuring was still looked down upon, but a few, with the help of gnomish guides, were able to find ways to explore beyond. They gained little from the land in terms of artifacts, but their experience and explorations gained them knowledge of ancient magics that were previously unknown. The most successful of adventurers often traded with their gnomish guides, giving both trinkets and knowledge of their civilization for help in traveling abroad.

By chance, some of these adventurers would meet each other. It just so happened that the strongest adventurer of the Dwarves, Fitz, crossed paths with the strongest champion of the Dragons, Liekki. They quickly bonded and soon decided they could tackle much stronger challenges together. As they continued on their adventures, they stumbled across Kuolemah the elf, The Fool the human, and Mursku the merfolk. The heroes did not particularly get along, but they recognized their shared power, and became the first true adventurers. As they continued to gain power, they came to believe they could challenge The Ancient One herself. So they continued building power for power’s sake, facing stronger enemies and venturing further into the unknown with the hope of finding a path to The Ancient One.

Eventually, they found The Ancient One and confronted her about the divisions of races and the imprisonment it caused. No one knows what actually happened during this conflict, but after this adventure, The Ancient One’s influence on the world seemed to have disappeared. Oddly enough, the adventurer’s never returned to their homes as well, but there was rumor among the gnomes that they spent the rest of their days in castles scattered throughout the lands, shutting themselves out from the rest of the world.

Since then, Liekki’s leverage lead most of the powerful dragons to seek to employ Dwarves into their fold. Through diplomacy and trickery, the dwarves were eventually enslaved by their dragon overlords, creating the kingdom of the Draconic Order. Meanwhile, the elves have also subjected the other races by much less violent means into the Elvish Dominion, bringing the humans and the halflings into their fold, and allowing the merfolk into their lands. These two large empires have entered a cold war, engaging in small skirmishes over protection of human outposts in distant lands, but otherwise remaining peaceful and equal. Both sides view gnomes as their allies, and neither side knows of the role gnomes played in supporting the other, deeming their presence in foreign lands as part of their roles as spies.

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History of the World

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