Isara gave them the forest land early on containing them with Giants, Orcs, and Centaur Bands. However, a few groups of elves split off from them to explore to the south. In order to contain them, she released mind flayers and beholders upon the escaped elves. Those that survived, became wood elves, constantly hiding from the beholder menace. Those that ran into the mountains became Drow Elves.

With the fall of Isara, the elves were able to reunite with their Wood Elf brethren once more. The magical powers granted to them by trade with INSIGHT gnomes has been critical in the strength of their society. High elves make up the leaders of the Elvish Dominion, and wood elves make up the warriors. The wood elves serve the high elves in part because of their lack of skill in magic or diplomacy, and in part due to the high elves assistance in saving the Wood Elves from their Beholder-ridden lands. Drow Elves remain hidden and no part of either empire. Their knowledge of the world above is entirely drawn from their relationship with the deep gnomes.

They honor the new gods, and first and foremost Kuolemah. Kuolemah honors maintaining life for life’s sake, poor sense of right or wrong, only life and un-life. Despises vanity and opulence.All of the god’s are respected in their pantheon. They view Isara as both good, for the lands she provided, and evil, for what she did to their brethren.

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