Dwarves have expanded throughout the north western lands, hiding from foes in their caves and in the Underdark, and building monuments to their society on land. However, when the dragons arrived, they quickly began to expand and tunnel into dwarven lands. This caused them to consolidate their lands further north, until Isra could protect them. Some grew angry at this betrayal, especially when they learned that Isra let the dragons steal some of their land in her deal.

After Isra’s fall, Fitz’s alliance with Liekki granted a positive feeling towards the dragons. This made a partnership start to seem favorable as an idea, allowing the dwarves to return to some of their ancient lands. At first, they helped the dwarves, promising them protection for a small fee. But with time the dragons and dwarves grew greedy, and, seeking to consolidate their hoards, the dragons refused to recognize the dwarven claim to the gold. The internal conflicts between dwarves over the hoard weakened them, and the dwarves were easily enslaved by their dragon overlords, creating the kingdom of the Draconic Order.

Current dwarves that live in centralized area are forced to work for dragons, many willingly, but most grudgingly. The dwarves not beholden to a particular dragon lead secretive, secluded lives, many of them hidden in the underdark. They have been working secretly with gnomes to build weapons that can overcome dragon kind.

Dwarves are not typically adventurers, so if they are, it is either at the employ of a gnome or if they had managed to escape from Dragon lands. Dwarves have distrust from all races except gnomes, but a lack of a history with elves, humans, or halflings makes them not likely to distrust them anymore than any other race. As gods, they honor Fitz and Liekki if they support the dragons, and Isra if they oppose them. Fitz praises large weapons, battle prowess, consistency, and trust, despises changing minds, mischief, and mind possession. Liekki praises wit, humor, cleverness, companionship, metals, and wariness, despises solitude and backstabbing.

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