About 350 years ago, a flock of dragon younglings of all colors arrived on the western plains of the continent. Why they arrived is a closely guarded secret, all that is known is that when they landed, they quickly spread out in search of food. The metallic dragons were amused by some of the intelligence shown by some of their food sources, and opted instead to satiate their appetite for knowledge with them. However, the chromatic dragons relished in the hunt, satisfied that the intelligence merely increased the thrill of the chase. Isra was furious with this encroachment, and negotiated with the Metallic Dragons, making it clear that if the Chromatic dragons were not kept in check, the superior numbers of the races combined with the fury of heaven would drive them off the continent. The Metallic Dragons agreed, and with the help of Isras Celestials, kept the Chromatic Dragons in check. Liekki’s rise, however, removed some of these restrictions in the minds of the dragons.

Metallic dragons wish to see the other races incorporated into their empire. They find the ohter races amusing, and see themselves as the natural leaders of those races. Gnomes are the exception, seen as a powerful ally. They see Isra in a favorable light, but they hold Liekki in higher regard for her strength.

Chromatic dragons wish to see the other races enslaved and subjected to their whims of power. They view all races as subjects, and take pleasure in outwitting gnomes who think they are entitled to safety because of their race. They view Liekki as a savior (and the sole reason they are willing to listen to metallic dragon influence), and view Isra as pure evil. They also are interested in inciting a rebellion against their metallic bretheren, but they are in too small of number to resist, considering where they failed before.

From the human towns the dragons have taken, some metallic dragons and a few chromatic dragons have experimented with making Dragonborn to implement their will. Not many have been made yet, only 30 or so, but they are seen as the future of Dragon emissaries. Depending on their creator, they will worship either both Liekki and Isra, or just Liekki. Liekki praises wit, humor, cleverness, companionship, metals, and wariness, despises solitude and backstabbing.

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